Managing director and founder of Plumbflush, Craig Fry, commenced his apprenticeship on the Gold Coast in 1994. He now has 20 years experience in the plumbing industry across a broad spectrum of plumbing from large scale international construction projects; estimating and project managing multi-million dollar contracts to running his own business. This has provided him with an extensive industry knowledge. He is a motivated and experienced qualified plumber with proven skills at locating water leaks using specialist electronic equipment. Additional qualifications include a Diploma of Building; Building Services Authority Licence applicable to Plumbing; Building Services Authority Licence applicable to site supervising medium rise building work. Current safety induction card and Applied First Aid certificate.

How Plumbflush came together

Plumbflush is a local Gold Coast company. Owner operated Plumbflush has chosen to specialise in water leak detection because we find and fix leaks more efficiently.

Craig has lived and worked on the Gold Coast for over 15 years. He noticed that the larger plumbing companies were always sending their young or inexperienced plumbers out to customer’s jobs.  The low industry knowledge of these plumbers and high overheads of the businesses were creating many unhappy customers. The unhappy customers were paying too much for an inadequate service.

Craig established Plumbflush Pty Ltd in 2008 to put experience and professionalism in place at the right price, creating hundreds of happy customers.


Craig Fry – Managing director of Plumbflush